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I am glad that you have found us and hope to see you at worship with us! If you are not a Lutheran Christian, no worries, we hold to the Word of God as inerrant and infallible. We follow a liturgy that is modeled after historic liturgies of the past that are based upon Scripture. We sing hymns that are ancient and some that are new, but all focus on Christ and his love for us. Some may wonder what to wear to church, ultimately, the most important thing is that you are there. The only requirement is that you wear clothing. For the most part we are a more casual congregation with not too many suits being worn on Sunday mornings, but you may see a dress or a tie here and there. If you have children, you will find that there are many willing hands to help you if needed. I have six children of my own and some of them are very young, do this I observe regularly. A little noise from a child is just fine. If they act up we do have a nursery but it is our belief that children are best in worship with their parents. A child will grow into the worship life the more they are involved and, personally, I do love the "Amens" that sometimes arise from little ones as they are learning to talk. The purpose of the liturgy is to engage us all in worship and, in my opinion, that includes the children. It is surprising what kids retain when they regularly hear certain prayers of songs. For toddlers on up we do have Sunday School and while they are in class we have Sunday School for adults. This is after service and a little bit of fellowship time (which we do enjoy). God led you hear and I am glad for that! If there is anything you need feel free to let me know!
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About Pastor Chris
Husband and father of six and lover of God. Anyone who knows me or has been in a zoo with me knows the love I have for lemurs. I love to talk to them and get them to talk back to me. I think they are just beautiful and fun animals.
I have not always been a devoted follower of Christ, but through the influence of many, but no greater influence than that of my wife and her mother that led me back into the faith of Jesus Christ. I am a strong believer in prayer, though I never pray as much I should, I strive to ever be deepened in my prayer life and help others in theirs.
I love the Lord because I know how much he has done in my life and how he saved me from myself. He forgave me and continues to forgive me each and every day. I desire for others to know that forgiveness for themselves.
I love music, theater, and movies. I like to play games on various platforms, including boardgames.
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